The Importance of Your Child’s Oral Health

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July 30, 2019
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The Importance of Your Child’s Oral Health

Our Montgomery County dentist offers services to children to prevent oral health issues along with repairing problems that include cavities or gum disease. A child’s baby teeth are important for these reasons:

• Talking correctly
• Chewing food
• Breathing properly
• Self-confidence

Here are some of the best reasons to bring your child to our office for dental health care.

Reason 1: Professional Cleanings

Children often don’t brush or floss properly, leading to hardened plaque on the teeth. This plaque contains bacteria that will destroy the enamel on baby or permanent teeth. The bacteria can also inflame the gum tissue, causing gingivitis or harming the alveolar bones. Our Montgomery County dentist will help your child to feel comfortable during the professional cleaning process by using small instruments and distracting the child with a television screen that displays a favorite cartoon.

Reason 2: Applications of Fluoride or Plastic Sealants

While your child is at our dental office, you can request an application of fluoride on the teeth to strengthen the dental enamel to prevent cavities. Our office also offers the application of sealants for the teeth toward the back of the mouth to prevent cavities, and these sealants often last for 10 years or longer.

Reason 3: Filling a Cavity with Composite Resins

If your child develops a cavity, then visit our dental facility as soon as possible to have it repaired. We use an attractive composite resin that will match the color of your child’s tooth. We recommend the use of composite resin fillings for primary and secondary teeth so that a child will continue to have a gorgeous smile.

Reason 4: Creating a Protective Mouth Guard

When your child plays sports, make sure to schedule an appointment with us to receive a customized mouth guard. We make this device by using the molds from your child’s mouth, and a computer software program will analyze the molds to create mouth guards. Our Montgomery County dentist suggests having new mouth guards made several times a year because children grow quickly.

Reason 5: Repairing Dislocated or Damaged Teeth

If a child dislocates or damages a tooth during a fall from a bicycle or some other type of accident, then call us for an emergency appointment. Parents should place the dislocated tooth or tooth chip in a soft cloth so that we can begin an effective treatment immediately. Our dentist can stabilize a dislocated tooth with thin wires or dental appliances, and we can mix a composite resin to attach a piece of chipped dental enamel.

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