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Top Reasons for Tooth Pain


Top Reasons for Tooth Pain

Toothaches can range in severity. Sometimes the discomfort will subside after a few minutes. Other times, the tooth pain is persistent. If your toothache is not going away, then it is vital you see a dentist in Jenkintown immediately. A professional can pinpoint the cause of the pain.


Constant Teeth Grinding


One reason people’s teeth hurt is that they consistently grind their teeth. This not only leads to the enamel wearing down, but it also places unnecessary stress on the jaw muscles and bone.


Gum Disease


An inflammation in the gum tissue can cause bacteria to enter the root of a tooth. In the event an infection gets into the tooth pulp, then a root canal will be necessary.


Loose Fillings


If you have a filling, then over time it can break or become loose. Bacteria and food particles can get inside the opening, which results in significant tooth pain.


Gum Recession


A variety of factors can lead to the gum tissue receding. It can be caused by gum disease or by brushing too aggressively.




When bacteria accumulate on the tooth, it can wear down the enamel, creating a cavity. A filling will need to be applied to the tooth to stop the decay from delving any deeper.




Infections can lead to pus-filled sacs that form at the root of a tooth. This is referred to as an abscess, and it is typically a symptom of periodontal disease.


Dental Work


After you have gotten dental work done, your teeth may feel sensitive for a few days. This is normal to an extent, but if the discomfort becomes unmanageable, then you would want to see your dentist again.


It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of tooth pain on your own, especially if you cannot see the problem with the naked eye. When in doubt, you should always see a dentist in Jenkintown to get your mouth examined.

Top Reasons for Tooth Pain

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