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Dental Care in Jenkintown

Dental care in Jenkintown allows you to protect your oral health. At Elkins Park Dental Innovations, we offer a special in-house dental plan to help you enhance your smile even without a dental insurance policy. 

About Our In-House Dental Plan

Our in-house dental plan at Elkins Park Dental Innovations was designed to help you attain affordable dental care even without an insurance policy. Our dental plan allows you to avoid the hassle of dealing with insurance companies that don’t have your best interests at heart. 

Our in-house dental plan is an affordable and comprehensive policy that covers preventive care services and routine diagnostic procedures. It is provided exclusively to the patients of Elkins Park Dental Innovations. 

The Benefits of Our In-House Plan

No Insurance Companies

Most dental insurance companies are third-party organizations that only exist to turn a profit. Their plans and policies are meant to generate revenue, not to make oral healthcare affordable for you and your family. Our dental plans allow you to access premium dental care without having to navigate complicated insurance policies. You also don’t have to worry about factors like copays or deductibles that make many insurance policies even more confusing. 

Starts Immediately

Many insurance policies take a certain amount of time to become active, making you wait to receive the oral healthcare you need now. Our dental plans start right away – there’s no waiting period after your activation. Once you sign up for the dental plan, you can begin to reap the benefits right away. This is especially helpful for patients who may require urgent dental care or emergency procedures.

Affordable Dental Care

Our dental plan is extremely affordable, making it easy for your whole family to maintain their beautiful smiles. For a low monthly or yearly fee, you gain access to dental services that individually retail for a much higher price. 

What Our Plan Covers

There are several tiers to our in-house dental plan that cover a wide variety of services. They are based on age and the number of services you wish to have covered. There are two main types of dental plans: Adult and Child. Beyond that, you can opt for a ‘Complete’ or ‘Start’ plan. The first option is more comprehensive and includes 2 preventative check-ups per year, as well as a discount on our other services. The ‘Start’ option includes 1 check-up per year and an additional discount, although it may be lower than the percentage of the ‘Complete’ plan. 

How Much Our Plan Costs

A ‘Complete’ plan for adults costs $312 per year, while a child’s complete plan will cost $300. Both adult and child ‘Start’ plans cost $240 per year. You can also choose to pay in monthly installments. Contact us today to learn more about our plan’s transparent costs.

Contact Us Today

Our in-house dental plan at Elkins Park Dental Innovations is the perfect choice for individuals seeking reasonable dental care. For more information about our in-house dental plans or our dental care in Jenkintown, contact our office today or visit our website. 

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