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A denture is often referred to as a removable appliance that replaces the missing teeth and surrounding tissue in the mouth. They are made to resemble your natural teeth and enhance your smile. Dentures not only support normal eating habits but also have an intangible effect. Well-fitting dentures can restore confidence and self-esteem that sometimes is lost when your smile is compromised. Your general dentist will likely recommend a prosthodontist in Elkins Park to provide and install your dentures. Prosthodontists are dental specialists who received extensive training centered around tooth replacement surgery and tooth restoration. They do the job of making sure you receive a patient-centered holistic treatment to help you regain back your smile.

What Different Dentures Are There?

There are two types of dentures; complete dentures and partial dentures. When all the teeth are missing, complete dentures are required. Partial dentures are used when only some of the teeth are missing. These can fill the void of the missing teeth and support the surrounding tooth structure. There are cases where the placement of your dentures might be more customized than that of partial dentures and complete dentures, but your prosthodontist in Elkins Park is able to walk you through your dental needs starting by conducting a comprehensive dental examination and then designing the dentures to match what the style of your original teeth would have looked like.You will then have a follow-up appointment for the denture fitting so that you can get an idea of how you would look in your dentures.

Conventional Dentures Vs. Same Day Dentures

Conventional dentures and same-day dentures are made by prosthodontists, the dentists specializing in the making and fitting of dentures, and they make the dentures out of an acrylic or a composite that make the dentures durable and long-lasting. The teeth can be made of plastic, porcelain, or both. Complete dentures can be conventional or immediate. Conventional dentures are made when the remaining teeth have been removed and the gums have had time to heal (usually 4-6 weeks). During this healing time, no dentures are used. With immediate dentures, they’re made in advance and placed when the remaining teeth are removed. This gives the patient chewing function and the ability to speak normally while the healing process takes place. Because the tissues may be swollen from the procedure adjustments will have to be made for proper fit. Are you searching the web for ” denture specialists near me?” We have a team of prosthodontists in Elkins Park experienced in fitting patients with dentures even in the most complicated cases.

Why Should I Get Dentures?

  • If you have lost all your teeth
  • If you have lost several of your teeth
  • If you are looking to improve your smile from missing teeth
  • If you are having problems chewing or speaking because of missing teeth

If you are looking for a long-term solution a dental crown may be the best option for you.

Elkins Park Prosthodontist For Your Dentures

Everyone knows that having a great smile not only boosts your confidence, but also is a sign of good overall health. Our prosthodontists in Elkins Park are committed to providing you with the healthy, beautiful smile you have always dreamed of. We take pride in offering the latest advancements in the make and design of your dentures and have trained cosmetic dentists specializing in dental implants to brighten, enhance, repair and straighten your teeth. We also provide the following dental services: Invisalign™ clear braces, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, dental implants, fillings/restorations, dentures, bridges, dental crowns, tooth extractions, root canals, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays, and teeth whitening. Proudly serving Elkins Park, Jenkintown PA, Abington PA, Elkins Park PA, Cheltenham PA, Glenside PA, Willow Grove PA, Wyncote and surrounding areas.

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