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Four Ways to Improve Your Teeth with Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Four Ways to Improve Your Teeth with Cosmetic Dental Procedures

When you aren’t happy with the appearance of your teeth, you can learn more about cosmetic improvements by visiting an Abington dentist for an evaluation. Today, cosmetic dentists can perform smile makeover evaluations to determine how certain procedures can repair your teeth and gums while also giving you a more attractive appearance. Depending on the dental problems that you have, you can request these cosmetic procedures at our dental facility.


Cosmetic Procedure 1: Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening procedure is one of the easiest cosmetic services offered by an Abington dentist. Professional teeth whitening can remove deeper stains from your teeth, but first, our dentist can protect your dental restorations. With this procedure, a dentist applies a strong hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth, and after water is injected into your mouth, a chemical reaction occurs that bubbles away the stains on your teeth. Our dentist can use a laser to decrease the time of this treatment, and in approximately 45 minutes, you will have whiter teeth that will create a beautiful smile.


Cosmetic Procedure 2: Bonding Material

If you have tiny scratches or chips on your teeth, then our dentist can mix a bonding substance that will match the color of the enamel on your teeth. This composite resin is applied when it is wet, and our dentist will sculpt it to create a perfect shape on a tooth. After the bonding material dries, our dentist will polish it until the tooth looks perfect.


Cosmetic Procedure 3: Veneers

When you have a front tooth that is too short, our dentist can lengthen it with a veneer. This item is made from porcelain or composite resins, and it is extremely thin. Each veneer is customized to match the color of the surrounding teeth and to fit properly over a tooth. Our dentist will attach it to a tooth with a durable waterproof resin.


Cosmetic Procedure 4: Dental Crowns

Our dentist can replace your old dental crowns with new restorations which will create a beautiful smile. You may have a metal or composite resin crown that is degrading, and it is essential to replace these items occasionally. We use a computer software program to measure your tooth, and a new crown is ready right away. The old crown is removed so that our dentist can check the natural tooth underneath before the new dental crown is attached firmly.


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At Elkins Park Dental Innovations Medicine in Jenkintown, Pa., we have multiple Abington dentists who are able to offer a variety of cosmetic procedures. We are accepting new patients who want to improve a smile with a smile makeover.


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