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General Dentistry in Jenkintown

Our general dentistry in Jenkintown is a great way to keep your smile picture-perfect. You can also maintain a healthier smile by knowing how to care for your teeth and which foods you should generally avoid. Some of the best ways to protect our teeth from long-term decay and emergency issues are:

  • Brushing our teeth regularly
  • Flossing our teeth
  • Improving our nutrition
  • Reducing the amount of time spent snacking

Establishing a consistent, balanced diet can go a long way for teeth care. You will also want to make sure that your food selections have sufficient nutritional value. Vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium can help ensure better long-term oral health.

Foods to Avoid for Healthier Teeth

When you come visit our office for general dentistry in Jenkintown, helping you with hygiene maintenance is one of our top priorities. One of the ways to improve your dental hygiene is reducing or eliminating certain foods and drinks from your diet. These can include:

  • Sugary Drinks – Bacteria in the mouth produce acids when they break down simple sugars. The acidity can destroy the enamel on your teeth. You may also develop pits, which will cause cavities. Soft drinks and fruit drinks have a certain amount of simple sugars that can increase these risks.
  • Sweet Snacks – Candy and other sweet snacks often contain high amounts of sugar. Certain sticky candies can stick to your teeth as well. When they adhere to the teeth, your saliva will have greater difficulty rinsing them from your mouth.
  • Certain Starches – One thing that we remind our clients at our office for general dentistry in Jenkintown is certain starches can increase the mouth’s acidity levels. Common starchy foods are rice, pastas, breads, and potatoes.
  • Coffee, tea, or red wine: These drinks can wreck havoc on your smile in a couple of ways. They can simultaneously weaken your teeth’s enamel and raise the acid levels. Since you take longer to drink these beverages, you will also keep the acid levels at a higher level for a longer amount of time. These drinks can also alter the aesthetics of your teeth by discoloring them.

Good Foods for Your Teeth

Our teeth are resilient, but we should also make sure to care for them. That means knowing which foods to avoid, as well as which foods we should eat more. Good foods and drinks to incorporate into our diets include:

  • Water – Drinking more water will keep you hydrated and wash away the residual acidity that gathers in your mouth.
  • Fish – Certain foods like fish can reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation can also help to prevent gum disease. Fish possess anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. The heightened popularity of seafood during the coronavirus pandemic makes fish a great addition to your diet and easily accessible wherever you live.

Why Visit Our Office

Everyone deserves a smile that they are proud to share with the world. If you are seeking general dentistry in Jenkintown, call our office. We can help enhance your smile with teeth whitening, dental crowns, and other services. Feel free to reach out to us regarding our services, to arrange a free consultation, or to discuss any questions you may have about your dental insurance and benefits.

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