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What is Dental Whitening Service?

Tooth discoloration makes smiling harder than it should be, but for those unhappy or embarrassed by their smile due to yellowing or other discoloration concerns, it is a reality. When you’re unhappy with your smile, it is difficult to live your life without reservation. Are people judging you by your smile?

Dental whitening improves a person’s smile after discoloration concerns occur. In turn, the person gains more confidence and happiness, giving them the freedom to live their life to the fullest. Thousands of people take advantage of teeth whitening service from the best dentists in Montgomery County every year and so should you.

What is Dental Whitening?

Dental whitening is a safe bleaching solution that gently removes discolorations and other imperfections from the teeth. Performed by a cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening works in about 30-minutes. After the whitening service, individuals love their smiles and show their pearly whites a whole lot more.

What Causes Discoloration?

Many things cause discolored teeth. This includes the foods and drinks a person consumes, smoking or tobacco use, oral health care habits, and even genetics. Proper oral care reduces the risk of discoloration but is not always foolproof. Dental whitening is there for such instances. The best dentists in Montgomery County will also provide helpful tips that prevent future problems with tooth discoloration.

Dental Whitening Benefits

In one dental visit, whitening service improves the teeth color by up to 10 shades. After whitening service, expect to smile with complete confidence. Whitening service improves confidence and may also reduce oral health concerns.

Why not use the at-home kids sold at the local drugstore? Professional whitening works faster with far better results. Plus, professional dental whitening causes less damage to the teeth. We trust our dentists for dental care. Why not trust them for dental whitening, too?

Dental Whitening Cost

Unfortunately, dental whitening service costs are usually not covered by dental insurance plans since it is considered a cosmetic service. Dentists offer payment plans and financing options for individuals that want or need whitening but who may be unable to afford the cost.

Dental whitening costs vary from one person to the next. Various factors impact the cost of service, including:

  • Type of whitening method
  • Cosmetic dentist chose for service

With the best dentists in Montgomery County, dental whitening service is not out of reach for anyone who dreams of a whiter, brighter smile. Dentists work with patients so they have access to whitening services.

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